Active Ingredient 96% min.
 Appearance White powder

 Physical and chemical properties
 Chemical Name


 Empirical Formula C9H17N5S
 Molecular Weight 227.3
 Structural Formula  
 Melting point  84-86
 Solubility  In water 200 mg/l (20). In acetone 610, hexane 12, n-octanol 220, methanol 510, toluene 470(all in g/l, 25)
 Vapor pressure

0.365 mPa (25)


 97%TC, 80%WP, 80%WDG



Ametryn is a selective systemic herbicide, absorbed by the roots and leaves, with translocation acropetally through the xylem, and accumulation in the apical meristems.

Used to pre- and post-emergence control of most annual grasses and broad-leaved weeds in pineapples, augar cane, bananas, citrus fruit, maize, cassava, coffee, tea, sisal, cocoa, oil palms, and on non-crop land. Application rates are in the range 2-4 kg/ha except when used as a directed spray on maize. Also used as a potato haulm desiccant.


·Acetochlor 92%TC 95%TC 50%EC
·Quizalofop-P-ethyl 95%TC 5%E
·Propanil 97%TC 360g/L EC
·Pretilachlor 95%TC 97%TC 30%
·Pendimethalin 97%TC 40%EC 33
·Paraquat 45%TC 27.6%SL
·Oxadiazon 95%TC 25%EC 12.5%E
·Mesotrione 98%TC 10%SL
·Isoproturon 97%TC 50%WP&SC
·Glyphosate 95%TC 62%IPA 48%S