Active Ingredient

45% min., 42%min.


Colorless, hygroscopic crystals (pure).

 Physical and chemical properties
Chemical Name

(1,1’-dimethyl-4,4’-bipyridium ion) dichloride anion

Empirical Formula


Molecular Weight


Structural Formula


Melting point

Decomposes at 300℃


In water 700 g/l (20℃).  Practically insoluble in most other organic solvents.

Vapor pressure

<0.1 mPa


45%TC, 27.6%SL


Paraquat is a non-selective contact herbicide, absorbed by the foliage, with some translocation in the xylem.

Used for broad-spectrum control of broad-leaved weeds and grasses in fruit orchards (including citrus), plantation crops (bananas, coffee, cocoa palms, coconut palms, oil palms rubber, etc.), vines, olives, tea, alfalfa, onions, leeks, sugar beet, asparagus, ornamental trees and shrubs, in forestry, etc. Also used for general weed control on non-crop land; as a defoliant for cotton and hops; for destruction of potato haulms; as a desiccant for pineapples, sugar cane, soya beans, and sunflowers; for strawberry runner control; in pasture renovation; and for control of aquatic weeds.


·Quizalofop-P-ethyl 95%TC 5%E
·Propanil 97%TC 360g/L EC
·Pretilachlor 95%TC 97%TC 30%
·Pendimethalin 97%TC 40%EC 33
·Oxadiazon 95%TC 25%EC 12.5%E
·Mesotrione 98%TC 10%SL
·Isoproturon 97%TC 50%WP&SC
·Glyphosate 95%TC 62%IPA 48%S
·Glufosinate ammonium 95%TC 1
·Diuron 97%TC 80%WP 80%SC